Good grammar makes good blogs great!

You’ve got a unique voice and a unique perspective that you love sharing with the world. Maybe you like to write about the newest web design trends, or the ever-changing world of fashion, fitness or motherhood.

Coming up with fresh, enticing blog topics can be exhausting. You don’t always have enough time for the research or brainstorming required to make your content truly stand out.

This is where we come in. We understand the pain points of owning a blog. Sometimes you just don’t have enough time, and sometimes you don’t have an in-house team large enough to keep up with the demands of your blog and audience. We also understand that you need to produce quality content all the time to maintain an active and engaging online presence to stay relevant and successful.

We help you grow as a writer and blog owner and polish up your brand and image. We don’t just offer proofreading services, because we know that sometimes proofreading just isn’t enough to really make your content pop. Our content specialists work with you to provide a deeper round of edits than just surface recommendations about grammar usage or syntax errors.

We’re Here For You

We help you curate the best possible blog presence that we know you’re capable of. We work with you to help refine your writing and let your voice and unique perspective come through every possible post. It’s not about just handing you blog posts or topics, but is about helping you by being by your side and walking you through how to bring the finesse and proper polishing to ensure your blog posts and content really do your grand ideas justice.

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What’s included:

  • Correction of typos, spelling, and punctuation errors
  • Revisions for grammatical accuracy, clarity, and flow, including adjustments to sentence structure
  • Attention to issues related to context, consistency, and cultural accuracy in your writing
  • Editing for compliance to a specified style guide (if requested)