Good grammar is simply good business!

Don’t fall prey to poor business copy. Most of what a consumer sees and experiences in regards to your brand is the content you produce, and you don’t want to appear as unprofessional or careless. Too many mistakes can communicate that you don’t take the time to work through and refine your content – which means to a consumer that you most likely don’t take the time to work through and refine your product, either.

We help produce, edit, and revise all of the copy your business produces, ranging from white papers to case studies to website, landing page, and ad copy. We start out by understanding your SME, your goals in terms of scale and growth, and what you need from your content. We also work with you to gather information about your personality and brand – and help you develop your brand if you don’t know what yours is yet! – and make sure that your voice shines through.

We work with you to research and better understand the content needs of your audience. The method to our madness, if you will, is to understand buyer personas, and dedicate a significant amount of resources to determining what your target audience needs, desires, and demands. The voice, style, kind and length of content will depend largely on who you’re marketing to, and we make sure that we explore every conceivable consumer for your product to create cohesive and holistic content that helps communicate your brand across the board.

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What’s included:

  • Correction of typos, spelling, and punctuation errors
  • Revisions for grammatical accuracy, clarity, and flow, including adjustments to sentence structure
  • Editing for compliance to a specified style guide (if requested)
  • Attention to issues related to context, consistency, and cultural/technical accuracy in your writing